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     Here at Xtreme FX, we strive to create the ultimate WOW! factor for you and your guests. With technicians having decades of experience, you know exactly what to expect, nothing but the best of the best. What makes Xtreme FX different than other surrounding companies, we like to have a personal connection with our clients. We promise to exceed your expectations and bring the Xtreme style to your event. 
        The Owners, Ryan and Nicole were raised in the fireworks industry. Ryan started out in New Jersey working for a professional fireworks company that produced shows as well as manufactured the shells. He has been around the industry since a young age. Nicole had started off in her family business in the consumer industry in East Tennessee. She was born into it and decided to start a career in professional firework displays. Ryan and Nicole have worked for some of the largest companies in the world before they finally decided to give it a shot themselves and start their own business.
     We view ourselves as a detail-oriented company and fully believe in attention to detail no matter what the the size of the event. It is our belief that the smaller displays should receive the same attention to detail as the larger displays.
     Technology in today’s industry is vital for a perfect fireworks show, Xtreme FX uses today's most innovative technology when producing an event. We uniquely choreograph each and every show, so that no single show is replicated. 
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