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High-level Outdoor Displays

From displays on land to water displays,, Xtreme can do it all. With the best quality products in the industry, we will make the display as safe as possible. Outdoor displays can have a variety of effects such as multi shot devices (also known as “cakes”), Aerial Shells, Set Pieces, and Close Proximity Outdoor Fireworks.


Multi-shot Devices

Multi shot devices also known as cakes range in height from 100 feet to almost 400 feet in the air. The best thing about these devices is the fact that you can set off 300 shots in 15 seconds to create an amazing barrage of colors in the sky to get a dynamic effect. 


Aerial Shells

Aerial Shells are what you see at your typical Fourth of July as well as New Year’s Eve display each year. With these types of displays being the most common, you have versatility. On a beach but no room to set a show up? No problem. This type of product can be set up far away such as a barge and still get the same great effect of close proximity product.


Set Pieces

Set Pieces are one of the most complex and custom made devices. Whether you are spelling out a word, sentence, design, or using a logo, this device will catch the crowd’s attention. Set pieces are created with bright flare like mini pyrotechnic devices. You will have the option of lighting the whole piece all at once, or have the effect of the piece being written or drawn out. This pyrotechnic device allows you to be as creative as you can be and inspire your audience!


Outdoor Close Proximity

Bring your guests closer to the action! Close Proximity Outdoor Pyrotechnics are the perfect effect to those areas with not enough room for an Aerial display. Not only does it produce extremely vibrant colors, close proximity fireworks can produce a wide variety of explosive effects. With being close to inhabited buildings downtown, stadiums, amphitheaters, beaches without the option of a barge, this product is the way to go. It produces very little fall out debris, less smoke, and can be brought closer to the audience compared to the traditional aerial displays. The product can be fired from ground level or shot off of almost any structure. This type of product is growing fast as it is the most advanced pyro in the industry.  We will scour the entire world for the best quality product from China to Spain!!! Nothing is out of reach with Xtreme !!!

Indoor Close Proximity Fireworks

There is a wide variety of pyrotechnic effects that can be produced at any indoor venue. We only use the safest product manufactured in the USA to ensure the guests safety. No matter how big or small the effect is, we will ensure you get the ultimate WOW! factor. Tell us what you have envisioned and Xtreme can surpass your expectations.

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