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Safety First


        The safety of the audience and our technicians is our #1 priority. Xtreme  is about putting on the safest and most epic show possible. For each Production, there is a specific safety plan implemented to ensure the safety of our audience, our technicians, as well as environmental matters.


       Hand fired firework productions are outdated. here at Xtreme, we use the most up to date firing systems to design and fire any production. laser displays also use the most up to date technology for the epic result you are looking for.


       We conform to the federal, state, and local safety regulations by obtaining all necessary permitting and approvals. Our technicians always take the necessary precaution before launching any production. A final walk through is done and approval of firing is needed before any show.


Xtreme FX is fully insured and certified in creating epic productions. we are inventing the industry, one epic production at a time.


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